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How to Remove a Steering Wheel from a Boat

    Regarding boat maintenance, certain components are frequently disregarded until they need to be replaced. The steering wheel is one such component that boat owners often overlook until it’s time to replace it. Knowing how to remove and install a steering wheel is vital whether you’re looking to replace a worn-out wheel or simply want to give your boat a new look. We’ll walk you through removing and installing a boat steering wheel in this detailed guide, including step-by-step directions and helpful hints.

    How to Take a Boat Steering Wheel Off

    Removing a steering wheel from a boat’s console is a reasonably simple. Although some individuals use a gear puller for increased convenience, the wheel can be properly removed without specialist tools. Here’s how to remove a boat steering wheel step by step:

    • Remove the center cap: Remove the steering wheel’s center cap. This is normally accomplished by gently pulling it open with a flat-head screwdriver or your fingers. Place the cap somewhere safe.
    • Loosen the nut: Locate the nut behind the center cap and loosen it with an appropriate-sized wrench. Counterclockwise, turn the nut until it is loose enough to remove by hand.
    • Remove the washer: Look beneath it for a washer after loosening the nut. Remove the washer with care and save it with the nut for safekeeping.
    • Pull the wheel straight up: After removing the nut and washer, you may pull the wheel straight up. While lifting upwards, apply equal pressure to both sides of the wheel. Proceed to the following step if you experience resistance due to corrosion.
    • Use corrosion inhibitor: Spray a marine-grade corrosion inhibitor between the wheel and the wheel stud if the wheel is difficult to remove owing to corrosion. Allow it to sit overnight to loosen the wheel and facilitate removal.
    • Tap the nut with a hammer: To make wheel removal easier, replace the nut on the helm, ensuring it stands out just over the threads. Place one leg behind the steering wheel and exert pressure from the other side. Finally, gently hit the nut with a hammer to remove the wheel without damaging the helm.

    Putting in a New Boat Steering Wheel

    After successfully removing the old steering wheel, it’s time to replace it. Most current boat steering wheels are designed to be universal, allowing them to be used on various watercraft. For a smooth installation, follow these steps:

    • Before mounting the new wheel, ensure the wheel shaft is clean and rust-free. Wipe off the area thoroughly with a soft cloth dampened with a small amount of rust inhibitor. This step ensures that the removal process runs well in the future.
    • Grease the wheel shaft with a thin layer of synthetic or food-grade grease. This will help to lubricate the surface and prevent future corrosion, allowing removal of the wheel easier when necessary.
    • Slide the collar onto the shaft: Begin by sliding the collar onto the wheel shaft. Ascertain that it is securely positioned and precisely aligned.
    • Insert the key wheel: After the collar is in place, insert the key wheel into the shaft’s corresponding slot. Ascertain that the key wheel is fully inserted and engaged.
    • Tighten the shaft nut: Now that the key wheel is in place, tighten the shaft nut. Secure the nut as tightly as possible with an appropriate-sized wrench. This will ensure that the new wheel is securely in place.
    • Check the wheel’s stability: Gently tug on the nut to ensure its stability after tightening the nut. If the wheel feels loose or unsteady, retighten the nut until it is secure.


    Knowing how to remove and replace a boat steering wheel is an important skill for any boat owner. The process is relatively simple, whether replacing a worn-out wheel or upgrading for aesthetic reasons. You can confidently remove and install a steering wheel by following the step-by-step instructions in this book, assuring smooth and joyful boating adventures for years to come.

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