Fishing in Big Lake

       One of the greatest resources in Alaska is our wildlife.  A time tested activity for the young and old is fishing.  Fishing espouses many of the cabin-life traits, friendship, solitude, self-reliance, and passing the time unhurriedly.


Residents of Alaska are blessed with reasonable rates for fishing and hunting permits/licenses.  In Big Lake, fishing occurs during the open water season as well as the ice covered season.  The main types folks like to fish for include burbot, arctic char/dolly varden, northern pike, and rainbow trout.  It is important to note that even though salmon do come into Big Lake and there are some landlocked salmon, they are off limits always, according to the most recent fish & game regulations.  There are daily limits and non retention rules, and how you catch ‘em rules for some types of fish, so if you are fishing you should definitely consult the regulation booklets for the water source you are at.  The rules may be different for each location in Alaska.  You may purchase licenses at many locations across the state, including on-line.  Locally, as of this writing the 3 Bears on Pittman sell licenses and tags.  Feel free to comment if you know of other places locally that sell them, this changes yearly.  As for where to get your gear, we have a few local places like 3 Rivers Fly & Tackle or Sportsman’s Warehouse, or there are many on-line places you can visit such as this child fishing pole.  Residents under 18 can get a harvest ticket, which they are required to have/fill out, here.

As for me, I’m a bit antsy just with myself and nature for company. I’ll take my fishing with family.

As ever – T3