10 Ways to Beat the HEAT!!!

If you are in South Central Alaska right now, you don’t need me to tell you about our current heat wave.  We are breaking records here this July 4th weekend of 2019.  Alaskans are showing car thermometer pictures in the 80s and 90s, we are melting.  One big difference between Alaskans and those in the Lower 48 accustomed to the heat, is that most homes do not have air conditioning.  We have some summers with only three days over 70 degrees, so this is an unusual wave of high temperatures.  This post has some ideas on how to better tolerate these hot temperatures. 

#10 – Go to a store that has air conditioning, window shop, buy necessities.

#9 – Get a fan, use a fan, box fan, handheld fan, fan like this

#8 – Make ice, purchase ice (places are selling out and getting restocked).

#7 – Wet a towel and put it around your neck, body, or use these cooling towel bands

#6 – Freeze Otter pops and eat them often

#5 – Hang out in your air conditioned car (if you are so lucky)

#4 – Turn your sprinklers on, get your lawn watered, entertain the little ones, and cool off.

#3 – Avoid things that make you sweat more (excessive layers of clothes, manual labor, first dates, spicy food, etc.)

#2 – Dream of snowy winters, imagine a snow storm, we are less than four months away, after all. *

^ #1 – Go jump in a lake, we have many water bodies, like Big Lake, take the leap!

As Ever, T3

Photos courtesy of: *Photo by Les Anderson on Unsplash ^https://www.ez-dock.com/resources/photo-gallery/ Cover photo from Cora Nail’s Facebook feed.